Company Overview

Apptuto is an evolved exam preparation platform built for CFA
candidates. Their advanced test-building and engagement features keep
students feeling motivated and maximizes their score placement
potential. Apptuto is an approved study tool by the CFA Institute.


Partnership Background

Apptuto began with two simple ideas: first, that preparation and training were key for individuals seeking to take the Certified Financial Analyst Exam; second, that the process of preparing for the exam did not need to be as complex or complicated as some of the curriculum the test itself involved. What they envisioned was a results-oriented tool which would maximize the opportunity for success for test takers. Apptuto launched with the goal of making every CFA test taker more prepared to achieve their targeted objectives while studying for any of the 3 CFA exams.



The Apptuto founding team sought a development partner which could help
materialize the vision of the concept and translate their test prep innovation
tools into a fully digital experience.



FarShore worked with the Apptuto founding team to build out an end-to-end technology solution, including all design, development, testing and infrastructure support. Apptuto’s primary user portal is a web-based platform which allows customers to access features such as personalized tests and gamified learning modules for the Level I, II and III CFA Exams. Apptuto’s native iOS application also allows users to engage in the test preparation process, but with the added bonus of not being tethered to their laptop or desktop – from running on the treadmill to riding the train to work, users are able to access key features which can maximize their test prep opportunities.

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    iOS development

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    Custom PHP

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Apptuto has received positive feedback and notable user adoption since its
launch. Additionally, Apptuto has gone on to close their initial round of funding
and has been accepted to the Summer 2015 class of a highly-respected Startup
Incubator based out of San Francisco, CA.


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