Company Overview

Artifact Uprising creates beautiful user-customized photo gifts out of its studio in Denver, Colorado. Artifact focuses on taking offline experiences and using online technology to enable their transformation into permanent stories.


Partnership Background

In 2013, the Denver, Colorado based Artifact Uprising was a new entrant into the
photo goods market. They attracted an audience of creatives that were very vocal
in their support and enthusiasm of the brand and products.



To meet the growing demand for new features and products from their user
base, Artifact partnered with Chicago, Illinois based FarShore to explore
ways to extend their team’s capacity.



FarShore supported the development and launch of Artifact’s native iOS
application which enabled users to build photo products directly from their
phones. We then supported a relaunch of their web solution on Magento.
The new platform provided AU the flexibility to have full administrative
control of the e-commerce experience.

  • artifactuprising-magento-development

    Magento development

  • artifactuprising-iOS-development

    iOS development

  • artifactuprising-architecture


  • artifactuprising-infrastructure




Artifact continues to inspire the creative community with their beautiful photo
products and knack of storytelling. They have users globally and have grown
their Instagram base to nearly 200,000 followers. Media outlets such as
Uncrate, Travel & Leisure, and Better Homes & Garden have featured Artifact.
Their success was rewarded through an acquisition by Oakland, California
based Visual Supply Co. in early 2015.


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