Company Overview

Encyclopedia Britannica is a trusted source of educational information since 1768. Their printed materials and innovative digital media products are used all over the globe within the home, classroom, and workforce.


Partnership Background

The Digital learning (EBDL) site is one of many initiatives under Britannica’s digital media offerings, providing an online resource for students and educators to access valuable and relevant scholastic materials. This includes downloadable e-books, training courses, videos, and more.



Maintaining mass amounts of up-to-date content in an accessible format was becoming increasingly difficult with the existing EBDL website structure. The front-end left much to be desired as well with an outdated design that was not mobile compatible or engaging to users. A move to a new platform would require a large port of data into a new CMS without information loss or disorganization.



FarShore was on-boarded to scope, design, develop, test, and launch a full migration to the versatile and content focused WordPress platform. As frequent content updates were a priority for the EBDL team to make themselves, we provided post launch training for maintaining and updating the pages of their new site.

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