Company Overview

PrettyQuick allows users to instantly book editor-vetted spas and salons
while enjoying cashless payments and earning free beauty product rewards.
PrettyQuick simplifies the way their users book beauty.


Partnership Background

Chicago-based PrettyQuick identified a growing market need to provide a
seamless and reliable process by which interested buyers (namely their target
market of time crunched 25-40 year old women) could vet, select and transact
on a variety of beauty services from companies all across the city. Upon
recruiting a CTO and building out their initial web service application, they
began to see traction and success within and outside of their target user group.



After receiving their initial funding, led by the Polsky Center, and placing
third in the coveted Chicago New Venture Challenge , PrettyQuick
sought a cost-efficient and time-effective way to continue supporting
their growth curve deeper into the Chicago market while priming their
application for eventual nationwide expansion.



FarShore worked with the PrettyQuick founding team and CTO to
develop and launch a native iOS application which allowed users
on-the-go access to finding and selecting their beauty and salon
services. While developing and launching their mobile application in the
Fall of 2014, FarShore provided a revolving package of services which
further supported the existing web application and front end design

  • prettyquick-iOS-development

    iOS development

  • prettyquick-web-support

    Web support

  • pretty-design-icon




Bolstered in part by access to an entire market of mobile-minded users, and
through gaining access to additional capitalization after their initial funding
round, PrettyQuick has continued their expansion to over 500 salons in
Chicago and is rapidly entering several major city markets all across the
United States including Washington DC, Dallas and Miami.


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