Company Overview

Tide Cleaners provides an end to end solution for on demand laundry care. With over a hundred locations available, drop boxes, lockers, and automated kiosks provide increased visibility and convenience to users. A native mobile application wraps up the front-end process from drop off to pick up to build upon this accessibility.


Partnership Background

Our partnership began with Pressbox, prior to the P&G acquisition, by building out their mobile application. Pressbox, founded in Chicago in 2013, started with a goal of modernizing the concierge services industry. Users placed their damaged or dirty items into a locker and submitted an order for service through the mobile app. Pressbox picked up these items and brought them to a 3rd party service provider, then returned the cleaned and repaired items back to the locker, notifying the customer through the app that they can collect their items. In 2018, Pressbox was acquired by P&G and work began integrating Tide Spin and Pressbox into Tide Cleaners.



The business has two separate components. The physical lockers and laundry services, and the technology portion that coordinates these services through the mobile application. When first starting in their founding year, Pressbox determined a need to hit the market fast but scalable in order to maintain manageable ongoing support costs for the business as they grew. This scalability only become more important after the acquisition, when it was determined that the existing Tide Spin app would be replaced by the Pressbox application, and rebranded to Tide Cleaners.



FarShore dedicated experienced and cost-efficient resources to work full-time with the founding team at Pressbox to design, develop, and launch the MVP Pressbox mobile application. Post-launch, FarShore supported the software through expansion into 4 major cities before acquisition by P&G, where FS resources remain attached, having assisted with the rebranding and relaunch of the application under Tide Cleaners.

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