In my last post, I criticized Facebook’s user experience. I think it’s flawed but so is the UX of all the other social networking sites. I just want to be able to filter the information I see on my Newsfeed more effectively. I also want to know who unfollowed me on Twitter (because why would anyone unfollow me since I’m hilarious) and post videos on Instagram (oh wait). These flaws in social media don’t stop people, including me, from using them. However, if The Zuck reads this (doubtful), I would love to be able to blacklist certain topics from my Newsfeed because nothing is worse than Teen Wolf spoilers.


I like to Facebook stalk people, and don’t you dare judge me because you do too. As I’ve said before, it’s helpful when my friends are talking about someone I don’t know. With a few keystrokes, I know where he went to high school, where he works, what TV shows he likes and where he went on vacation last summer. I’m nosy, so nothing fulfills me more than knowing everything about a total stranger that doesn’t know I exist.


This “creepiness” translates well into business. You don’t have to stalk out every potential customer. That would probably take too much time and might present some sort of legal liability, but you can use the information to hypertarget an audience. So if you’re selling a line of vegan snacks, you could target an ad to females, 18 and older, living in California who practice yoga and like Whole Foods. Because, let’s be honest, they’re more likely to want your product than someone like me, who is a regular at Taco Bell and leads a sedentary lifestyle. Advertising is cheap too. You can reach thousands of people for like $5 a day. That’s probably less than you spend at Starbucks every morning.
Once you’ve started to build an audience, you can start engaging with them. Customers are likethat Cheap Trick song. They want you to want them. Responding to comments or providing incentives (like coupon codes – everyone loves coupon codes) to engage with you and your content makes customers feel wanted. And you get more than 140 characters to do it.


So if you’re running a business, use Facebook. Also, if your startup has created a blacklist feature for Facebook, I’ll be happy to promote you. I mean, I have about 600 friends and it’s probably too cumbersome for them to block me from their Newsfeed.
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