Though Farshore has tons of experience working with large companies, we’ve always had a soft spot for early stage entrepreneurs. After awesome experience working with companies like Pixtant and, the FS team jumped at the chance to help out technically in supporting the launch of a startup through Dashfire Launch.

The selections were made, and Farshore ended up building RoomVa, a booking portal for Latin American hotels and hostels.  For lack of a better phrase, Diego and Hendrik are killing it. Since going live less than six months ago, Roomva has built the largest hotel database in Lima, Peru, acquired close to 30,000 Facebook fans, and is currently taking reservations.

Here’s how Farshore helped:

1. Initial Architecting—Unlike U.S. based hotels, telos in Peru typically have no real online presence. Reservations are made using a pen and paper. The team at Roomva sat down with Farshore to architect a solution which allowed these traditionally offline businesses to accept reservations through Roomva without changing their systems.  This initial planning proved invaluable and has allowed RoomVa to work with hotels big and small in Lima.

2. Product Implementation—After iterating on mockups for both the front and backend of RoomVa’s platform, Farshore built RoomVa 1.0 using WordPress as a backbone to save time and resources without compromising on the planned feature set. Accurately predicting lots of traffic after launch, the team embarked on extensive usability testing before launching the website.

3. Maintenance—We continue to serve as the maintenance team behind RoomVa.  Farshore’s size and dexterity allows us to fix existing problems and implement new features at lightning speed.

RoomVa is the rule, not the exception; our partner-based philosophy naturally lends itself to entrepreneurship. Have an idea that needs building? Reach out.

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